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Riverside Treasures
& Enchantments

23 Bridge Street, Milford
(908) 403-6653
Thr-Sun 12-5

Saint & Sorcerer
Star Plaza
15 W Church
St #3, Washington
(908) 391-6495
All May Thursdays 3-7


The Strange Boutique
19 Main Street, Blairstown
(908) 533-0888
Tue-Fri 11-7, Sat 10-6

Houss Freya
547 Valley Rd, Upper Montclair
(201) 267-0220
Wed & Sat 11-6, Thr 12-8, Fri 11-7, Sun 12-5


Mystical World

648 Ridge Rd, Lyndhurst
(201) 896-3999

Tue-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-6


Soul Trip
26 Division Street, Somerville
(908) 333-2995
Mon-Thr 11-8, Fri
& Sat 11-9:30, Sun 12-7

Rock Collage
364 Cedar Ln, Teaneck
(201) 357-2347
& Thr 12-6, Tue & Fri 12-6:30, Sat 11-7


For further information Contact Madame X  
Primus & Producer of  The Iron Garden & Prince of  The Skylands Gateway Halo
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why does the FB Event show a different End Date for The Sweep?
A:   FB Events Settings do not allow month-long events. The Witchy Shoppe Sweep FB event's End Date will reflect  May 26 as soon as FB allows.

Q:   I'm not a member of the Iron Garden. I don't even live in NJ. Can I still participate?
A:   Yes!  Anyone in and out of NJ who are, or are not members of the Iron Garden CAN participate in the Sweep!

Q:   Can I just e-mail my receipts to you?
A:   We require that you attend the Iron Garden in person on Friday, May 26th between 8 & 10PM where your receipts will be certified and counted.  We will then Announce the Winner and Award the Goodie Basket. 

Q:   Can I do this with a friend?
A:   Sure you can.  Just remember to share the Goodie Basket with your friend ;)

Q:   What if I can't come to the Iron Garden on the 26th? 
A:   We recommend you find a friend who can attend to bring in your receipts and claim your prize as your proxy.

Q:  I'm an owner of one of the Shops listed. Can I participate? I always wanted to visit those stores and attend the Iron Garden.
A: Yes of course you can! Everyone is welcome to participate and  we look forward to having you at the Iron Garden on Friday May 26th at 8PM. 

Botanica San Lazaro
261 Crooks Ave, Clifton
(973) 246-9946
Mon-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-6

Goddess In Eden
282 Bloomfield Ave, Verona
(973) 919-3600
Everyday 12-7


Soul Journey
409 Main St. Butler

(973) 838-6564

Tue-Fri 11-6, Sat 10-4

All Saints Botanica
601 Central Ave, East Orange
(973) 677-7600
& Thr 1-6, Sat 11:30-4


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