The New Jersey IRON GARDEN was resurrected in 2014 by:
Madame X, Finna Beruthiel DeElf, Herr Wulfsunus, Blueeyesoulfof Ra Horakhty, Traveler Asura-MacPhee & Asif Murad

Madame X
Greetings, I am Madame X Host and Producer  of The Iron Garden.
It is such a pleasure to be able to host a social, educational and fun event for all New Jersey Nightkind at my second home, QXT’s.
While I travel quite a bit and was born in Western Europe, it is New Jersey I call my home. You may know me as the Matriarch of House of the Dreaming, co founder of Dark Nations, or as the Chapter Head of New Jersey Bloodlines.
A decade ago I hosted the New Jersey Goth Challenge with NJ luminaries like Lord Vahmp and Myke Hideous and used to run the "The Rift Arts Forum", a New Jersey based creationist's guild.  I also collaborated on "Vampyre Dreams" and "Vampyre Lounge”, hosted "The Collective" YouTube program and have been published in several anthologies like “Vampires in their Own Words”, and most recently “The Gotham Archives”.  I do love Our Community!
I also took part in the conception of several vampyre societies, including: The Original "Iron Garden" (NJ), "The Court of Lazarus" (NY), "Black Atlantis" (GA),  “Black Oaks” (GA), the Club Illuminati events also in GA...and today still inspired by a desire to motivate others to the same path of self-discovery and evolution, my good friends and I have resurrected and once again bring you New Jersey’s own Nightkind Haven, the Iron Garden.

Herr Wülfsunus

I am Herr Wülfsunus Therian, Elder and Mradu of The Dreaming and here to serve the Iron Garden as Lector and however else I am needed.
Beside my fondness for motocross and herpetology, I am a published poet and perhaps you have met me as I hosted poetry and arts events for "The Rift" throughout the New Jersey Tristate area.  Some of my favorite New Jersey hangouts have been (and a few still are) The Edge, Aldo’s, Connections, Dressing for Pleasure, The Loop Lounge, Mexicali Live and of course QXT’s.
In the past I have participated in the original Iron Garden, as well as in Lazarus, was involved in the New Court of Gotham in NYC as Keeper of the Veil, and am currently the Ambassador for the House of the Dreaming Embassy within Dark Nations.
Knowing that this kind of sharing can only help in my spiritual and terrestrial journeys, I delight in the nexus that occurs when savoring being alive, processing, the way insightful minds connect in community such as the one I hope to help build here within the New Jersey Iron Garden.

Blueeyesoulfof Ra Horakhty

I am Blueeyesoulfof Ra Horakhty, Marshall of this Haven.
I am a Vampire, Pagan and a Witch that lives a drama-free life and I expect the same standards for our Haven.    I enjoy being a "Ronin", and I have met some very interesting folks of the night back in the late 80's and early 90's from the BDSM scene, and have been to a few equally interesting private parties.
I love music, poetry, motorcycles, awesome people, and growing both mentally and spiritually.
I am excited to be part of an awesome society of like-minded creatures of the night who have come together with common goals.  I trust the resurrection of the New Jersey Iron Garden will continue to be one of warmth, networking  and friendship for all of us to enjoy and grow without the in-differences.  I am honored to part of the Iron Garden and know it will continue to be an awesome experience for all Citizens, Guests and Presenters.
As Marshall it will be my duty to ensure that we remain a respectable, peaceful and drama free Haven for all Nightkind.

Finna Beruthiel DeElf

I am Finna Beruthiel DeElf, who proundly held the position of Iron Garden Scribe for a year an a half.
I have always been drawn to the influences of the Night, not as a Vampire, but as an Elf. Magic, paganism, renaissance fairs, music, theater, and haunted places inspire me; I am glad I am not alone in my beliefs or inspirations. I find that the Norse values help me get thru this world and help me understand why. The Way of the Norse is my blood and ancestry; I am part of The Corvid Clan.
I have been reading metaphysics for over 20 years, which led me down many paths of spirituality. I enjoy studying the different faiths and traditions of many cultures. I am an actor for the Heathen Hearth Gathering Re-enactors Group that you may remember from the New York Renaissance Fair.  I have also acted at the New Jersey Renaissance Fair and at The Forest of Fear and you can often find me working at New Jersey conventions, like the Kinky Geeks Con and the Necrocomicon.
I am here  to help organize balance and welcome everyone. Of course, I am also here to socialize and meet the many talented and interesting people that walk in the Night in New Jersey.

Asif Murad Emeritus 10/2014-10/2016

Lord Traveler Asura-MacPhee Emeritus 10/2014-7/2018

Founding Members:

Louisa Ashe - First Involvement 1/2015
John Gavin [HotD] - First Involvement 11/2014

In Honor And Recognition:

In recognition of the founders of The Original Iron Garden (1998-2003)
We give honorable mention to its Original Founding Elders by offering distinguished mention and Senior Advisory positions on our Organizational Committee:

Original Iron Garden Founder Lord Vahmp of House LIDEIM*
Original Iron Garden Founder Lord Kage of House GANGREL*
Original Iron Garden Founder Lord Ramirez of House RAMIREZ*

Original Iron Garden Founder SCORPIO of House DRACONUS*
Original Iron Garden Founders Lord Vailen Moon and Madame X Ronin Elders.

* As many years have passed, it is understandable that scene-names and alliances may have changed.
This serves as a document in recognition of what it was then.

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