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The Seven Gates Of The Iron Garden


The First Gate
Haven: Our Nocturnal Sanctuary
Enter our walls to find safety, peace and pleasure in the company of fellow Nightkind. At the gate leave behind all unsettled differences, malicious intent, and drama. Come and make this your home.


The Second Gate
Law: The Way of the Land

Follow the laws that govern our country, city and state both inside and outside our Haven. To do so is to protect and ensure the safety of our kind.


The Third Gate
Diversity: Uniqueness Embraced

Welcome the differences of our kind. It is the different beliefs, traditions, philosophies and individuals that deepen our learning, catalyze growth, and are the strength of the collective.


The Fourth Gate
Unity: Our One Strength

Come stand together as One and celebrate. Together we are One Community, One Society, One Tribe and our One Bond, stable and strong, will endure the tides, weather the storms, and build many bridges.

The Fifth Gate
Respect: A Regal Balance

Give respect to receive respect. As adults we carry ourselves with dignity and honor, respecting the newly come, as well as the seniority, offices and positions in the community.


The Sixth Gate
Accountability: The Higher Road

Reflect the quality of your character with your words and actions; these in turn will reflect the quality of the community as a whole. Be responsible for the reward or consequence of your decisions. This holds true for any guest that you may bring.


The Seventh Gate
Journey: The Thirst for the Quest

Treasure your lessons learnt, honor the teachers in your life, take pride in the experiences you have had, and then come share your wisdom. Each of us is on a journey, our own unique path of growth, self-discovery, and personal mastery.


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