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December 27th 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: David Ryzman presents on The Energy Body
CONCLAVE: Utilizing Energy from Without & Within w/ Greg Ndoki Bryant

ART EXHIBITOR: Lady Vyna Bayne

FEATURED BOOK:  La Commedia Del Sangue: Vampyr Theatre by Tony Sokol
Featuring a Psychic Vampire Trivia Contest! 


Orgonite Energy Generators w/ Arcanum Works

Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch 
Corsets by Brazen Lingerie  
Aura Photography Readings w/ IDivinations  
CEREMONY: Yule Blessing w/ Reverend E. Massey

Thank you DRV Photography

November 29th 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Amara Willey of Hands of Change presents on: Inanna of Sumer

CONCLAVE: Lilith Mother of Demons w/Kevin Meares
ART EXHIBITOR: Vincent Musetti
BOOK SIGNING: The End of Hatred Etherya's Earth 
Book 1 by  Rebecca Hefner 


Handcrafted Candles w/ Waxed Aromas
Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch 

Psychic Reader:  Rhonda Alin

 CEREMONY: The Calling of Ishtar w/ Jeffrey Jene

Thank you Coincidental Magick Photography

October 25th 2019

A Night of Ancient Gods featuring:
CONCLAVE: Modern Day Ancient Worship w/
Craig N. Setti

ART EXHIBITOR: Lauren Curtis

BOOK SIGNING:  The Witch of the Prophecy 
by Victoria Jayne

Pagan Goods by Botanica San Lazaro
Viking Rune Card Readings by Jefferson Harman 

CEREMONY: Entering The Underworld - A Mock Funeral by E. Massey

   Thank you Coincidental Magick & Moonrise Media Photography

September 27th 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Radio Show Host Chelsea Goodwin presents on In Goth We Trust

CONCLAVE: Goth Culture w/ Doktor John
ART EXHIBITOR: Ashley Brody Schoonover

Modern Gothic Jewelry w/ Necronomicharm

Darker Delights w/ Original Sins Leather
Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch 

Tarot by Ariana Materai

 CEREMONY: "Feast of the Darkness" by Priestess Aradia Arcanum of Tribe Lykaios 

   Thank you DRV Photography & Gavin Photo

August 30th 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Alexandrian Priestess Linda Marciniak presents on SpellWork 

CONCLAVE: Spells, Hexes, Tonics & Potions, a demonstration w/ Citizen Raven Halliwell
ART EXHIBITOR: Karyn Ironsides - Lovely Landfill

FEATURED BOOK: The Blood Bond Chronicles by J.P. Morrow 
Wire Sculpture Familiars by Sickass Cat Studios
Minerals & Pagan Goods w/ The Amber Dragon

Homemade Luxury Artisan Soaps w/ Autumn Dusk Soaps

 CEREMONY: Nocturnal Brew of Protection w/Cenobite Crymson D. Syron

   Thank you DRV Photography

July 26th 2019


KEY NOTE SPEAKER:  Reverend Bea Presents: Salamanders, Sylphs and Gnomes...OH MY!! 

CONCLAVE: Exploring Elemental Perspectives w/ E.Massey


BOOK SIGNING: “There and Never, Ever Back Again; The Diary of a Dark Lord" by Jeff Mach


Tea, Soap, Herbs, Oils, etc w/ Mystical Blossoms 
Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch 
Celtic Tarot Readings by Jody Koveloski Thorpe 

 CEREMONY: Land, Sea, Sky Mediation by Rick Silfies-Potter of The House of Blackthorn 
      w/ Citizen Frødr Halvardsson 

Thank you DRV Photography & Roe Poalino Photography

June 28th 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER George Drabinsky on: Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

CONCLAVE: Subconscious Mind Control w/ Immortal Blue 

ART EXHIBITOR: Brian Petitti 

BOOK SIGNING: Float by Howie Noel
Crystals, fossils & more w/ Psychonaut Surreality 
Esoteric Goods w/ Botanica San Lazaro

Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch 

Tarot Readings w/ Ariana Materai

 CEREMONY: Dream Voyage w/ Jennifer Bobbe

Thank you DRV Photography & Gavin Photo

Steampunk Con - June 21st - 23rd 2019

Special Iron Garden Gathering
KEY NOTE SPEAKERS: Madame X & Svengaleon on Mesmerism & Hypnosis


FEATURED MAKER: Wondering Jewel Smith
PSYCHIC: Raven Halliwell


Plus Panels & Presentations: 
Creating your Steampunk Persona w/ Sophia Sakelakos, Lucy Smith, Kelvin Ortega and John Bardy

Ghosts & Spirit Crossings w/ Lady D

Time Travel & The Philadelphia Experiment w/ Herr Wulfsunus, Madame X, Svangaleon and Dreaming Rainbow

Edison's PsycoPhone w/ Madame X & Lady D

Tesla Spirit Radio w/ Herr Wulfsunus and Young Vir Van Ghan

Victoriana Silver Pictures w/ John Gavin, Dario Valdivia, Janet Zap, Karen Montclair & David Ryzman

Makeup Transformations w/ Sophia Sakelakos

and so much more!!!

Thank you John Gavin, DRV Photography, Roe Poalino Photography & all our friends who shared pics!

May 31st 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER Madame X Matriarch of House of the Dreaming on Modern Day Vampires   

CONCLAVE: Inspired by the Vampire w/ Dane Black

ART EXHIBITOR: The Photography of Ed Jordan of Coincidental Magick


Vampires of New Jersey by Alton Simpson w/ artist Mahathir Buang & animator Conor Cole

Power exchange essentials w/ Original Sins Leather
Macabre Jewelry & more w/ Javiera Magaly
Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch 

Tarot Readings by E. Massey

 CEREMONY: Energy Exchange Demonstrations with Kuriak, Crymson, Wulfsunus and Madame X

Thank you DRV Photography, Gavin Photo, John Masi & Gene Hirschel

April 26th 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER & CONCLAVE LEADER: Lorraine Henrich on Hoodoo
CEREMONY: Abre Caminos w/ Krystal Martinez


Potions, Poppets, Plants & more w/ Lenka Makings 
Orogonite Pyramids & More w/ Arcanum Works
Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch 
Sand & Bone readings w/ Raven Halliwell

Thank you David Ryzman & John Masi Photography

Dark Side of the Con 3 - March 30th & 31st 2019

Special Iron Garden Gathering
presenting on Otherkin

CONCLAVE: Dark Night of the Soul w/ Immortal Blue

ART EXHIBITOR:  Delightful Hydra designs

 CEREMONY: Limpia by Krystal Martinez
Novelist: Brian McKinley
Cemetery Time w/ Lady D
Elder Goth Panel w/ Madame X, Wulfsunus, Doktor John, Chelsey Goodwin & NightMary

and so much more!!!

Thank you DRV Photography, Roe Poalino Photography & all our friends who share pics!

March 29th 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lina An presents on Healing through Past Life Regression

CONCLAVE: The Power of Karma w/ Spiritual Counselor Angela Theresa

ART EXHIBITOR: Allison Goldfire 

Arcane Secrets - Handcrafted Magickal Supplies 

Past Life Readings w/ Ariana Materai

 CEREMONY: Weighing of the Heart Ceremony written by Frater AVAM & Narrated by Madame X 
Performed by: Jabbar, Louisa, Wulfsunus, Kevin, Denise and Svengaleon 

Thank you Gavin Photo, DRV Photography & Roe Poalino Photography

Feb 22nd 2019

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Kristi Moose presents: Swedish Heathenry in the US 

CONCLAVE: Norse Goddesses w/ Kevin French

ART EXHIBITOR:  Chuk Olaf Högnell


 Drinking Horns w/ Horny Things
Intention Candles & more w/ Houss Freya
Spiders by The Golden Web

Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch 

Runes by Nykol

 CEREMONY: Válablót, A Viking Valentine by Citizen Frødr Halvardsson
      w/ Citizen Frødr Halvardsson 

Thank you DRV Photography & Roe Poalino Photography

Jan 25th 2019


GUEST PERFORMER MANTRA MUSIC ARTIST: Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon
CONCLAVE: Cultivating Community w/ Herr Wulfsunus 
PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITOR: Citizen Dario R. Valdivia

Clothing Concept w/ Wear Wolf USA
Taxidermy & Oddities w/ Brain Fever
 Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch
Robin Wood Tarot Readings w/ E. Massey
CEREMONY: Exaltation & Rebirth of the Night w/ Priestess Aradia Arcanum of Tribe Lykaios
PLUS: Installation of Officers & Tool Reconsecration

Thank you DRV Photography & John Gavin Photo

Sanctuary Magazine V Anniversary


A Special Offering by The Iron Garden
w/ Citizens: Madame X, Herr Wulfsunus, Svangaleon, Louisa Ash, Krystal & Finna DeElf
with Special Thanx to Gymnos


Thank you DRV Photography, John Gavin Photo, Maxim 6 Photography & all the other contributors

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