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Our Commitment


The Iron Garden is committed to offer the New Jersey Nightkind and friends an exciting monthly gathering where announcements are made, speakers may conduct educational or informational presentations, performances may be held, discussion groups may take place, charitable collections may be made, deliberations may be conducted, vendors may sell their wares, creative projects may be shared, and all gather to have fun and socialize in harmony.  Any groups or individuals that wish to conduct a special interest presentation (i.e. class, circle, or discussion) at The Iron Garden are welcome to approach our Organizational Committee and discuss their ideas and intentions for consideration.

The Iron Garden is a safe haven, a peaceful neutral ground; all Households, Covens, Dens, Clans, Courts and Caste members are welcome to attend (with the exception of anyone that has been banned… this is exclusively for safety reasons).  The Iron Garden is open to individuals of ages 21 and over, who meet the establishment’s dress code, and abide by The Iron Garden code of good conduct. 

Through majority vote, we hold the right to accept or decline The Iron Garden matters regarding: Acts, changes to the Organizational Body, edifications of the Framework, guilds, projects, outings and events.



Our Nightkind Haven:

IIs a periodic social gathering or soiree, where Witches, Vampires, Therians, Otherkin and all Children of the Night can come together. Akin to a Vampire Court, here all can discuss topics that concern the overall community.  Havens or Courts also provide resources like counsel, protection, mediation and education, as well as, introductions to Seekers, Peers, Elders and Houses, a safe-space for creative self-expression, and the opportunity to explore self-help & esoteric subjects.

Our Skylands-Gateway Halo:

A Halo represents the spirit and energy of the individuals united under its respective Court or Haven, delineates the physical regional perimeter of its territory, and it's figure head. The regional area covered by any Halo is determined by the majority of the Citizens of that Court, and it may not extend beyond the boundaries of the state, or infringe on another court's territory.  
The Skylands-Gateway Halo was officially established in 2016 by the Court of the Iron Garden with Madame X as its voted-in figure head. It was officially renamed Skylands-Gateway in 2017. The State of NJ historically divides itself into 6 regions. The Northern section of NJ is represented by The Gateway & Skylands Regions, and similarly our Skylands-Gateway Halo encompasses: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Passaic, Union
, Sussex, Hunterdon and Morris Counties.

Our Citizenship:

To be considered a citizen of The Iron Garden, the individual must have attended Iron Garden gatherings at least three times and be a Jersey Denizen (either live or work in NJ).  When an individual or group of individuals is invited or sponsored by someone already within the Iron Garden, an open introduction is in order, and their attendance should be registered into the books.  If this person decides to stay on as part of the Iron Garden, they will be eligible for citizenship upon attending their third gathering.

Honorary Citizenship may be conferred to a Non-Denizen of Jersey who has attended our at least 4 times.

Citizenship will enable the individual to vote, join or form a Family, and retain un-moderated posting privileges. Citizenship is a privilege as much as a responsibility; all Citizens of the Iron Garden must publicly pledge to respect the Acts, Framework & Organizational Body of The Iron Garden and refer to the common sense guidelines of The Seven Gates of the Iron Garden.

Extended absence for a term longer than three months, requires a personal or written notice to the  in order to be classified ‘in good terms’, otherwise it may be perceived as ‘abandonment’.  Upon return from an extended absence please allow for a one-month adjustment. t period prior to restoration of voting privileges & citizenship rights. 


Our Principals: Host, Scribe & Marshall


The Host of The Iron Garden is the principal responsible for all issues pertaining to the creation and development of the Gathering.

The Host appoints the two other Principals, The Scribe and The Marshall.  The Host has the right to vote on all matters regarding The Organizational Committee and holds the right to appoint and reject the Principals; it is vital that the three members of the Principals work in harmony.

The Host serves as Master (or Mistress) of Ceremonies and at Organizational Committee functions, leads the effort to promote the Gathering, Iron Garden functions, secure venues, insures that a ritual ceremony and a special presentation will take place at each gathering, that announcements are made, and may therefore appoint a Resident Cenobite, a Lector, and a Seneschal to assist in planning or even officiate in absentia. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Host to call for Citizenship at each meeting and administer the Citizenship Oath & the Illustrious Citizen Decoration.  The Host of the Iron Garden is Madame X.


The Scribe is granted the power to vote on the Organizational Committee of The Iron Garden.  The Scribe is responsible for preparing and maintaining all Iron Garden records including but not limited to: Attendance, Citizenship, Birthdays, Citizen Magnus, Monthly Gathering Agenda and Recap, Organizational Committee Agenda and Minutes, generating promotional material, posting invitations, announcements and event recaps etc. 

The Scribe is responsible for amending The Iron Garden Scroll, as directed by The Iron Garden Organizational Committee, to reflect the growing ideals of the society as a whole. The Scribe shall maintain an official signature book or ‘tome’ for ceremonial and historic purposes; this tome must be passed on to the subsequently appointed Scribe. The Scribe may appoint assistants, known as Amanuensis.  The Scribe for the Iron Garden is Louisa Ashe.


The Marshall is granted the power to vote on the Organizational Committee of The Iron Garden.  The Marshall insures that only members and their guests are admitted at  (unless it is Open/Public Gathering), that guests are of the proper age requirement of over 21, and that the proper dress code has been met.  The Marshall is in charge of protecting Principals, Citizens and Guests alike, keeping out undesirable influences, as well as working with the rest of the staff to make sure peace is kept amongst the attendees.  This position includes diplomatic endeavors, investigating and validating grievances against other Community members.  In addition, they will also be in charge of insuring appropriate age on and off line and post moderation.  The Marshall will fulfill a diplomatic role as an Ambassador and may appoint additional Ambassadors to maintain beneficial relationships between The Iron Garden and other courts, communities, organizations and societies.  The Marshall may also appoint security detail assistants, known as Guardians, as needed. The Marshall for the Iron Garden is Blueeyesoulfof Ra Horakhty.

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