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December 28th 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lorraine Henrich of the Modern Mystery School on Creating Sacred Space
CONCLAVE: Familiars and Magical Pets w/ Eddie Massey
ART EXHIBITOR: The Photography of  Michelle Simone

 Expressive Designs & Crafts w/ HeathenWear
Spiritual Goods w/ Botanica San Lazaro
Art Oddities w/ Immortalis Memoriae
Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch
Spiritual Moment: On Resolutions and Intentions w/ Citizen Lady D


Thank you  John Gavin & DRV Photography 

November 30th 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lord Beli'al On The Goetia & The Qlipoth
BOOK SIGNING: Revenance by Alison Armstrong 
CONCLAVE: Let's Talk About Evil w/ Citizen David Whitman
ART EXHIBITiON: Wood-Cuts & more w/ Citizen Kaj Wenman
Dnash of Teeth By Dnash

Jewelry w/ The Underground Attic
Fantastic Crystals w/ Magic n'Mayhem
Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch

Tarot Readings w/ Ariana Materai
CEREMONY: Summoning of Leraikha
by Frater AVAM

w/ Madame X - Special Thank you to Sophia Sakelakos


Thank you  John Gavin, Roe Poalino & DRV Photography 

October 26th 2018


SPECIAL PERFORMANCE: The Magic of Jeffrey Jene

CONCLAVE: Black Magick w/ Matriarch of the Dreaming & Prince of the Skylands Gateway Halo - Madame X 


with Special Thanks to: Moon on the Water & House of the Dreaming


Merchant's Wares

Psychic Readings w/ Ariana Materai

CEREMONY: Witch's New Year Intentions Ritual w/ Citizen Lady D


Thank you John Gavin Photography

QXT's Vampire Ball

A Special Offering by The Iron Garden
CEREMONY: The Making by Madame X
w/ Citizens: Lucy Schmidt, Felix Ordonez and Herr Wulfsunus
Best Birthday Blessings Queen Gotica - May You Never Thirst


Thank you John Gavin Photography

September 28th 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Asttarte Deva Shakti Bliss on Increasing your Frequency
Book Signing of "Awaken to Living; Tantra for Your Whole Life" 
CONCLAVE: Returning to the Self  w/ Jennifer Bobbe
ART EXHIBITOR: Citizen Maura Donahue
Dizzy Edge Records & Collectibles
Brujo Creations w/ Magia de Luna Shoppe
Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch
CEREMONY: Descent of Innana w/ Citizen David Whitman 


Thank you John Gavin Photography

August 31st 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lord Synical Nighthaven Patriarch of House Nighthaven on Family Traditions
CONCLAVE: Subculture Lifestyles w/ Citizen Madame X Matriarch of House of the Dreaming


Vampire Novelist Brian McKinley
Horny Things
Wondering Jewel Smith
Olde Thyme Witch
Psychic Readings w/ Krystal Martinez
CEREMONY: Bona Fortuna Gypsy Spell w/ Raven Halliwell


Thank you John Masi & John Gavin Photography

July 27th 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lupa Gunnr MacPhee Lykaios of Tribe Lykaios on Wolves Among Us

CONCLAVE: The Berserker Mindset w/ Herr Wulfsunus of House of the Dreaming 


Wear Wolf USA

Headdresses by Nefertiti Kimagawa

5th Dimension Comics

Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch

Psychic Readings w/ Lady D 
CEREMONY: Full Moon Transformation Blessing 
w/ Jennifer Bobbe


Thank you all for your shared Photography

June 29th 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Kevin French of Kindred of Mann

     Contemporary Nordic Heathenry

CONCLAVE: Yggdrasil & Destiny w/ Citizen Kaj Wenman


Poppets, Plants & Potions w/ Lenka Makings

Deimos Leathercraft

The Crafty Crow

Rune Readings w/ Nykol

Resident Merchant Olde Thyme Witch
CEREMONY: A Midsummer Blót by Crow Skjaldmær


Thank you DRV Photography & Roe Poalino

May 25th 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Hypnotist David Whitman presenting on Sound and Hypnosis 
CONCLAVE: Metaphysics of Sound w/ Madame X

Sound Vision Alchemy for Harmonic Attunement
Moon on the Water

Psychic Readings w/ Dona Carter

Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch


DRV Photography & Roe Poalino

April 27th 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lorraine Henrich - A Journey to Tir Na Nog plus Golden Realm Blessing 
CONCLAVE: Nature Spirits w/ Cenobite Crymson Syron

ART EXHIBITOR: Sophia Sakelakos of Delightful Hydra Designs also Offering Make-up & Body-Paint Transformations

Alchemical Essentials w/ Yoko Maria NYC

Fairy Bath Salts & Essential Oils w/Center for Healing & Empowerment

Crystal Healing w/ Phyllis Fran Livera

Rune Readings w/ Nykol

Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch


Thank you Moonrise Media Photography

Mar 30th 2018

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Author E. Massey presents on The Art of a Magickal Life
     Plus Book Signing: "Casting Creative Magickal Circles"
CONCLAVE: Chamber of Reflection w/Frater AVAM

ART EXHIBITOR: Martyr Graff of Wendigo Graphics  
   Brujo Creations w/ Magia De Luna Shoppe
Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch
Psychic Readings w/Lady D
CEREMONY: Vampyre Theater excerpt - Let us Prey 
w/ House Sahjaza, Elder Tony Sokol & Friends


Thank you DRV Photography and Roe Poalino Photography

Special Gathering at DarkSide of the Con March 16 & 17th 2018   

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Citizen Dario presents on Cryptid Encounters 
CONCLAVE: Hag Attacks & Other Visitations w/ Citizen Lady D

ART AUCTION: Selected works by Lauren Curtis
Vampire Novels by Brian McKinley

Psychic Readings w/ The Souls Inspiration
CEREMONY: Honoring Nymphs & Nature Spirits w/Cenobite Crymson Syron
Plus Special Presentations:
Modern Day Vampirism - Community, Culture & Mysticism w/ Madame X
The Animal Within, a Discussion Circle w/ Herr Wulfsunus & Trismegistus Aga Khan 


Thank you DRV Photography, Miguel Aviles Photography, and Roe Poalino

Feb 23rd 2018   

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Todd Staruch of Grindhouse Nights presents "Embracing Fear"
CONCLAVE: The Sin Eater w/ Kuriak Isepeth

ART EXHIBITOR: Aristotle Pramagioulis of Egregore Design
Fangsmith Horror Show Jack
Magickal Wares by The Pointed Hat 
Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch

Psychic Readings w/ Carolydia Lindo
CEREMONY: Confess your Sins to Father Evil


Thank you DRV Photography, Miguel Aviles Photography, and Moonrise Media Photography

Jan 26th 2018   

GUEST PERFORMER: Violinist Liz Gonzalez 
CONCLAVE: Community, Courts, Houses, Covens, Clans, Clutches & Guilds Oh My!
w/ Prince of the Skylands-Gateway Halo & Primus of the Iron Garden Madame X

ART EXHIBITION: Iron Garden a Retrospecive, Poster Exhibit

FotoPlex Green Screen Photography

Morbid Novelties by Curi-Oddities

Spiders by The Golden Web
Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch
Rune Readings Nykol
CEREMONY: Imbolc Ceremony & Tool Reconsecration with Citizen Lilith Summeria 


Thank you DRV Photography

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