Dec 29th 2017   

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Soror Eve of Ad Societatem Angelorumpresents: "The Crossing of Paths"
CONCLAVE: What is Santeria w/ Citizen Raven Halliwell
VISUAL ARTIST: Art auction graciously donated by Celine Paz 

Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch

Botanica Los Paisanos

Poppets, Plants & Potions by Lenka Makings 

Spiritual Readings w/ Lady D
CEREMONY: Group Blessing for the New Year w/ Citizens Raven Halliwell & 
David Strange


Thank you DRV Photography and Roe Poalino

Nov 24th 2017   

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Author Brian McKinley on Vampires in Folklore
CONCLAVE: Psychic Energy Feeders w/ Demonologist Kevin Meares 
VISUAL ARTIST: Photography Exhibit by Michael Enoches

Fangsmith Horror Show Jack

Uniquely Inspired Teas by BrutaliTeas

Pagan Goods w/ Olde Thyme Witch 
Psychic Readings w/ Genoveva Rossi

CEREMONY: Blood & Roses Ceremony with Citizen Lady D

Thank you DRV Photography

Oct 27th 2017


KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Mark Cloudfoot presenting on Toltec Wisdom

 CONCLAVE: The Mystery of the Pyramids w/Madame X of House of the Dreaming

VISUAL ARTIST: Art Exhibit & Live Body Painting by Christian Diaz


Mayan Glyph Readings w/ Jason Berube

Mayan Astrology w/ Flor Badilla - Inner Milieu

CEREMONY: Dia de los Muertos  w/ Aztec Priestess Leticia Gutievaz

Thank you Moonrise Media Photography, Miguel Aviles Photography & DRV Photography

August 25th 2017

 KEY NOTE PRESENTER: Frank Lazzaro of NJ ROPE Paranormal on: Hauntings & House Blessings

 CONCLAVE: Protective Precautions for Home & Self w/ Cenobite Kuriak Isepeth

VISUAL EXHIBITION: The Art of Lauren Curtis 

CEREMONY: Protection & Cleansing w/ Cenobite Kuriak Isepeth, Citizen Deanne Willing and Crow



Thank you Klaus and Louisa for sharing your pictures!

July 28th 2017


KEY NOTE PRESENTER: Gabi DiAngelis on Yoga: The Journey to the Self

 CONCLAVE: Shen Exercise w/ Founder Herr Wulfsunus od House of the Dreaming and Citizen Raven Halliwell

VISUAL EXHIBITION: The Body Casts of Grace D. Serralheiro


Massage with Mindful Metal Massotherapy

Spiritual Readings with Citizen Lady D Tarot  

CEREMONY: Spell Dancing w/ Cenobite Kuriak Isepeth & Citizen Deanne Willing



Thank you DRV Photography

June 30th 2017

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Jennifer Bobbe of Integrated Peace Arts on: Tibetan Death Rites
 CONCLAVE: Death & the Spiritual Process w/ Citizen Lady D
VISUAL EXHIBITION: The Art of Efrain Martinez
     Pagan Goods w/ Botanica San Lazaro

     Soaps, crystals & more w/ Olde Thyme Witch

     Palmistry & Tarot w/ Citizen Raven Halliwell

CEREMONY:   A Personal Death Journey with Jennifer Bobbe and Citizen Herr Wulfsunus


Thank you DRV Photography and Miguel Aviles Photography

May 26th 2017

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Brian McGuire of Neolyth Shamanic Center on Shamanic Shapeshifting
 CONCLAVE: The Animal: A Perspective w/ Citizen BlackWolf
VISUAL EXHIBITION:  Graphic Collages by Wolven Visions
   WoodCrafts w/ FireBrand WoodBurning

    Runes by Nykol

CEREMONY:  To The Bone by Herr Wulfsunus & BlackWolf of House of The Dreaming

Thank you DRV Photography, Roe Poalino and Moonrise Media Photography

April 28th 2017

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Punk of Conduit Enterprises on "BDSM: The Sacred & The Profane"
CONCLAVE: Citizen Kuriak Isepeth on "BDSM Dynamics and Magick"
VISUAL EXHIBITION:  The Photographic Art of CandyLust
Toys and Torture w/ Fun with Fetish 

Massage w/ Mindful Metal Massotherapy 

Pendulum & Energy Readings w/ Michael D Roszhart

CEREMONY: "Goddess, Virgin & Whore" by Citizen Michael Romano & Madame X

Thank you DRV Photography, Roe Poalino and Wolven Visions

March 31st 2017

KEY NOTE SPEAKER:  Ellf Ling  of 5 Sense Healing on Connecting with Ancient Civilizations
CONCLAVE: Atlantian Mind & Crystal Technology w/ Karuna Ma of Neolyth Shamanic Center
VISUAL EXHIBITION:  The Art of Ali Lazarus
  Pagan Goods w/ Trinity's Magickal Intentions 
  Atlantean & Lemurian Crystals w/The Faerie Den

  Leather & Wood Crafts w/ Citizen Finna De'Elf

  Tarot & Crystal Spell Kits w/ Cult of Hope

CEREMONY: Atlantis Wisdom Ritual w/ Citizen Lady D of  The Soul's Inspiration

Thank you DRV Photography and Wolven Visions

Feb 24TH 2017

KEY NOTE SPEAKER:   Asttarte Deva Shakti Bliss of Love Sex and Tea  on: "Intimacy & Touch"
CONCLAVE: Soulmates w/ Citizen Madame X of House of the Dreaming
VISUAL EXHIBITION: The Art of Jacqueline Hernandez
     Massotherapy with Mindful Metal 

     Scrumptious Scrubs & Soaps by The Soap Mill

     Tarot Readings w/ Citizen Lady D

Violet Blooms Book Signing w/ Eden Freed

CEREMONY: Orgasmic Meditation w/ Asttarte Deva Shakti Bliss 

Thank you to David Ryzman of Moonrise Media Photography

Jan 27TH 2017

KEY NOTE SPEAKER:   Martha Rand of iDivinations on "The Secrets of Astrology"
CONCLAVE: "Astronomy" w/ Trismegistus Aga Khan 
VISUAL EXHIBITION: The Art of Kaliptus

Fantastic Delights w/ Candles by Candice

Astrological Charts by iDivination

Leather Pouches by Poche

CEREMONY: Reconsecration of the Tools of Office

Thank you to David Ryzman of Moonrise Media Photography & Dario R. Valdivia Photography

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