The Iron Garden is a New Jersey-based volunteer-run organization providing a safe haven for gathering, socialization, education, promotion of the arts, charity-work and fun for the New Jersey Nightkind Community.  The Iron Garden is comprised of mature, discrete, intelligent, like-minded folk 21+


The Iron Garden welcomes Houses, Covens, Dens & Ronin Independents who are Pagan, Vampires, Witches, Therians, Otherkin, Black Swans, Life-stylers, Poets and Scholars alike.  We ask that our Members & Guests be over the age of 21 and maintain proper conduct. Enjoy our Goth Music Lounge & full bar all night w/ great Drink Specials till 11PM, then enjoy 3 rooms of the best alternative dance music in a castle-like environment.  Plus merchants, art exhibit, spiritual advisors, teachers, ceremony, performance art, networking  & Fun!


The Iron Garden is a safe haven and neutral ground for fun, pleasure, entertainment, socialization, creative expression, interpersonal growth and networking.  Please leave your negativity and hostility outside. 
Attendees are required to dress semi-formally or creatively (no jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers).  The Iron Garden attendees are required to demonstrate respect and fraternity toward all others in attendance. 

Our gathering is a sacred space.  Please refer to the Seven Gates.


The Iron Garden monthly gatherings are held at private rooms Downstairs at QXT’s Night Club at 428 Mulberry Street in Newark, NJ (just a block away from the Prudential Center near the Green Street Police Department).  All are welcome to attend and our reduced QXT's Admission covers the Alternative Dance Party, so plan to enjoy the night.  Gatherings will be held monthly on the Last Friday of each month at 8PM unless otherwise noted.
Schedule for The Iron Garden Public Gatherings:

8:00PM - Doors Open w/ Merchants, Artists & Music Lounge in the Crypt  

8:05PM - Conclave (Thematic discussion group) in Area 51

8:30PM - Presentations / Performances
10:00PM - Community Announcements

10:30PM - Ceremony (Spell, Meditation or Spiritual Performance Art)
11PM - DJ Music, Dancing, Socializing, Networking & Fun!

The Iron Garden is offering a Monthly Movie Night hosted by different regional Celebrities!  Upstairs on the Main Stage at QXT’s Night Club. All are welcome to attend and QXT's Admission covers the Alternative Dance Party that follows, so plan to stay & enjoy the night.  Gatherings will be held monthly on the second Friday of each month at 7PM unless otherwise noted.

Calendar for The Iron Garden Movie Night:
October 14th - Plan 9 From Outer Space W/ Ms Penelope ProperThe Mad Harlot
September 9th - Black Sabbath with George 'Firewalker' Carlson
August 12th - White Zombie with Doktor John
July 15th - The Night of The Living Dead with Genoveva Rossi
June 10th - Fear No Evil with Father Evil
May 13th -  Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror with Baron Misuraca

The Iron Garden also offers:
. Public and Private Outings
. Private Citizen's Only in-person Gatherings, Ceremonies & Classes
. Private Citizen Only on-line Classes
. On-line Groups for Socialization, Networking, Support & Event Planning




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Iron Garden Citizens’ Group on FaceBook

Interested parties are encouraged to like, subscribe, follow and read the notices posted to The Iron Garden Page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
Members or Citizens are encouraged to join the FB Citizen Group and respond to official survey queries/polls.  It is the Citizens’ responsibility to be informed by attending our gatherings and frequently reviewing our website & networking groups in order to stay up-to-date on recent Iron Garden developments and calendar events.  



. KEYNOTE: D.H. Thorne presents:
Mind the Shadows
. CONCLAVE:  Shadow Work & Integration
  w/ Deborah Castellano
. CEREMONY:  A Journey of Shadow Integration
  w/Alexandra Marrero
. EXHIBITING ARTIST: JoAnn Telemdschinow
  of Imagined Past
. FEATURED BOOK: "Magic for Troubled Times"
  by Deborah Castellano
   - Olde Thyme Witch with Pagan Goods
   - Roe's Attic w/ Roe Poalino Apparel & Jewelry

. SPIRITUAL ADVISOR: Alexandra Marrero
  Shadow Readings & Integration Healing 

. CHARITY: Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ


Parting The Veil

. KEYNOTE: Kaí Henderson of Our Daily Magic
  Presents: The Magic is Inside of you 

. CONCLAVE: Cultivating Conscious Relationships 
w/Dell Henderson
. EXHIBITING ARTIST:  Helena Domenic
. FEATURED BOOK: An Illuminated Guide to

  Wicca by Helena Domenic
   - Olde Thyme Witch with Pagan Goods

   - Lady D - Necromancy
   - Astral Gate - Tarot
   - Our Daily Magic - Love Readings

. CHARITY: Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ


Through majority vote our Members, also known as Citizens, hold the right to help build the Iron Garden by accepting or declining Iron Garden matters regarding: Acts, Organization, Framework, Guilds, Projects, Charities, Open or Private Outings, Gatherings, Events, Expenditures, etc...

To be considered a citizen of The Iron Garden, you must have a vested interest in the growth and wellbeing of our court, have attended our monthly gatherings at least three times, and be a New Jersey Denizen (either live or work in NJ).  Honorary Citizenship may be conferred to a Non-Denizen of Jersey who has attended our monthly gatherings at least 4 times.  There are no dues or fees!

Citizenship will enable you to vote, form and/or represent your Nightkind Family, attend Citizens’ only functions, get first invite to participate in community events, participate in our Citizens’ FB Group, and be able to participate in the Iron Garden with a more official capacity.  Citizenship is a privilege as much as a responsibility; All Citizens must publicly sign, pledging to respect and uphold the Acts, Framework, Organization and The Seven Gates of the Iron Garden.  To that end, all those interested in Citizenship with the Iron Garden are welcome to request and review a copy of the Scrolls, which delineate the Acts, Organization and Framework of the Iron Garden.  Our Scrolls are a living document that grows with our tenure and Citizenship. When you become an official Citizen, having taken the Citizenship Oath, you will be issued an official hardcopy version of the Scrolls that you may keep. Our Citizens are our future.